Aqua Jog

Name : Aqua Jog
Aqua Jog
Description : 1. To accelerate the body's metabolism

It is due to the reason that the water resistance is greater than air, so runners spend greater effort to jog in the water, and hence consumes more energy and oxygen causes the body's metabolic rate to greatly accelerate. At the same time, the various tissues and organs of the human body need to accelerate the pace of work to be able to adapt to the frequency of the action; blood circulation work faster to dilate blood vessels and increase the elasticity of blood vessels; heart gets a great workout in the process of expansion and contraction. Pleural pressure on respiratory system is greater when jogging in water, thus requiring a corresponding increase in lung capacity offset the pressure of the outside world, so it can exercise lung function.

2. To improve the body's ability to respond

People need certain skills to maintain balance in the water, the coordination of the various parts of the body is required to complete the exercise. Long term balance in the water is unable to be maintained when problem appears even to a single part of body. Therefore, the person who insists in long-term aqua jog is stronger in the general response capability and is better in coordination of the limbs.

People who had suffered from injuries can be benefited through the water jogging courses. Healthcare Medical Centre pointed out that the water resistance is over 20times higher than air resistance. So, aquatic sports are tougher than land sports. The aqua jogging exercise can train muscles, and enhance the heart rate to improve aerobic capacity. Curtin University School of Physiotherapy found out that the aqua jogging gains more benefits than on land jogging, it effectively trains those who are in the process of rehabilitation. Appropriate circumstance is inevitably needed for the advantage of water jogging.