Swimming I Want 2!

Name : Swimming I Want 2!
Swimming I Want 2!
Description :

Beaver swimming course is the trump card of Beaver Swimming Group. It distinguishes itself from others due to its consummate, perfect, integrated courses and structure. Beaver swimming courses is not simply a swimming course but also helps to foster our spiritual context, including team spirit, persistence, perseverance, confidence, courage for challenges. Beaver swimming course will instil these traditional virtues in students' mind during different stages of the whole learning process.

Beaver swimming course is a transparent system. Parents certainly will receive a progress assessment report after every grade. We will make a detailed analysis of the child's learning progress in this assessment report, which is a way that is unique and incomparable.

Beaver Swimming Academy Group provides strict job training to the swimming coaches. Our team of coaches are compulsory to attend training courses twice per month. Beaver Swimming Academy Group is willing to invest in this type of activities and training courses in order to ensure that each student receives the best quality of teaching.